How do real-life transfers affect my line-up?

New players to the Premier League

FanDuel doesn’t change salaries or make any player additions to or removals from existing contests. This is to ensure complete fairness for all entering into contests. New additions to the Premier League will be available for contests created after the player has made the transfer, usually for the next week’s fixtures.

Transfers between Premier League Clubs

If the player moves to another team also playing in that contest then we will amend the club in your selection and points will be credited within that contest. Example: Nathan Ake moved from Bournemouth, back to Chelsea when he was recalled from loan. If you selected him as a Bournemouth player for a Saturday slate that contained both the 3pm (when Bournemouth play) and 5:30pm games (where Chelsea play), then despite his move he will score you any points he gets for Chelsea.

However if the player moves to a team that is NOT playing in the contest you entered them for, they will not score points and we will not amend the club. So in the example above, if you had entered a contest that contained the 3pm Saturday matches only, he will not score any points in the 5:30pm match. You will of course have the chance to move him out of your line-up in favour of someone else. 

If you have any further questions on transfers and how this affects your teams and edits then please reach out to  

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