Why am I being asked to verify my identity?

'Why am I being asked to verify my identity?'

FanDuel is committed to keeping its players safe from things like identity theft, and its sites safe from being accessed by under-age players. All users who request a withdrawal of any amount, or deposit will be asked to verify their identity once.

We do this by ‘verifying’ or checking the age and identity of anyone who wants to play with us.

We can usually do this electronically by checking the details you give us when you sign-up against public records such as the voters roll, telephone directory or similar. Where we aren’t able to find a match for you (because you didn’t register to vote, or the records aren’t yet fully up to date, or any other reason) we’ll need to ask for your help in completing the process by providing us with copies of documentation such as a valid passport or driving licence, or recent bill or bank statement.

If you are one of the players we haven’t been able to verify electronically, and need your help to complete the process, we’ll drop you an email telling you what we need, and more importantly, how you can send us the information safely and securely. 

We appreciate it can be a pain but we are committed to keeping our players and our sites safe, as well as ensuring that we comply with the terms of our licence and other regulatory obligations.

More details on the verification policy and process can be found here:


If you have difficulty receiving a successful verification or verified status, please email customer support for assistance at uksupport@fanduel.com. 

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